Main schema ciq_3.0_address.xsd
This schema was originally developed by The MITRE Corporation. The STIX XML Schema implementation is maintained by The MITRE Corporation and developed by the open STIX Community. For more information, including how to get involved in the effort and how to submit change requests, please visit the STIX website at
Element stix-ciqaddress:CIQAddress3.0InstanceType / stix-ciqaddress:Location
Diagram xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_Type xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_AddressID xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_AddressIDType xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_ID xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_Usage xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_DeliveryMode xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_Status CommonTypes_xsd.tmp#grValidityDate xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_AddressKey xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_AddressKeyRef xlink-2003-12-31_xsd.tmp#type xlink-2003-12-31_xsd.tmp#label xlink-2003-12-31_xsd.tmp#href CommonTypes_xsd.tmp#grDataQuality CommonTypes_xsd.tmp#grLanguageCode xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_FreeTextAddress xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_Country xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_AdministrativeArea xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_Locality xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_Thoroughfare xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_Premises xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_PostCode xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_RuralDelivery xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_PostalDeliveryPoint xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_PostOffice xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_GeoRSS xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType_LocationByCoordinates xAL_xsd.tmp#AddressType
Type AddressType
Children AdministrativeArea, Country, FreeTextAddress, GeoRSS, Locality, LocationByCoordinates, PostCode, PostOffice, PostalDeliveryPoint, Premises, RuralDelivery, Thoroughfare
QName Type Use Annotation
AddressID String optional
A unique address identifier such as postal delivery idetifier assigned to the address by local postal authority, e.g. DPID in Australia.
AddressIDType AddressIDTypeList optional
Type of address ID used. e.g. DPID, etc
AddressKey String optional
A primary key to reference Address.
AddressKeyRef String optional
A foreign key to reference attribute Key of Address.
DataQualityType DataQualityTypeList optional
This attribute indicates what level of trust can be given to the parent element. Omit this attribute if the data quality is unknown. If the data quality is known, the value is "Valid, else "InValid"
DateValidFrom xs:dateTime optional
Could be start date, issue date, validity start date, etc
DateValidTo xs:dateTime optional
Could be end date, expiry date, validity end date, etc
DeliveryMode DeliveryModeList optional
Mode of delivery of address. For example: rural route, normal delivery, post office box, etc.
ID String optional
A globally unique identifier assigned to the address
LanguageCode xs:language optional
Human Language used. e.g. "en", "en-US", "en-AUS", etc
Status StatusList optional
Status of the entity. e.g. Old, Current, Inactive, Active, etc
Type AddressTypeList optional
Defines the type of address. An address type can be" Primary Address, Secondary Address, Rural Address, Military Address, etc.
Usage AddressUsageList optional
The purpose the address is used for. E.g.  Postal, residential, business,  exchange, update, create, delete, etc
ValidFrom xs:dateTime optional
Date the data quality is valid from
ValidTo xs:dateTime optional
Date the data quality is valid to
xlink:href anyURI optional
xlink:label NCName optional
xlink:type restriction of string optional
Wildcard: ANY attribute from ANY namespace OTHER than 'urn:oasis:names:tc:ciq:xal:3'
<xs:element minOccurs="0" name="Location" type="a:AddressType"/>
Complex Type stix-ciqaddress:CIQAddress3.0InstanceType
The CIQAddress3.0InstanceType provides an extension to the AddressAbstractType which imports and leverages version 3.0 of the OASIS CIQ-PIL schema for structured characterization of Addresses.
Diagram stix_common_xsd.tmp#AddressAbstractType ciq_3_0_address_xsd.tmp#CIQAddress3.0InstanceType_Location
Type extension of stixCommon:AddressAbstractType
Type hierarchy
Children stix-ciqaddress:Location
<xs:complexType name="CIQAddress3.0InstanceType">
    <xs:documentation>The CIQAddress3.0InstanceType provides an extension to the AddressAbstractType which imports and leverages version 3.0 of the OASIS CIQ-PIL schema for structured characterization of Addresses.</xs:documentation>
    <xs:extension base="stixCommon:AddressAbstractType">
        <xs:element minOccurs="0" name="Location" type="a:AddressType"/>